Persea Americana

Avocados are perennial trees that grow to 20 meters and prefer warm and subtropical climates, with very little wind. Avocados are native of Central America and come in many varieties that have spread all along South America . They produce medium sized, green that have thin, dark green outer skin that covers a green-yellowish flesh, with a very large seed in the middle.

The flesh is the source of its nutrients. It has a lot of Potassium, vitamin A, C, E and K. Avocados are known for having a lot of fat and proteins which makes highly energetic and one of the best known sources of healthy fats. This a good way to replace the proteins and fats obtained in meats or dairy products. Avocados are a common component in the diet of vegans and vegetarians because of its versatility with other ingredients; it easily replaces milk, butter and other oily foods.

Additionally, the oils found in avocados are good to hydrate and repair hair, moisturize and repair irritated skin, and sunburns.