Theobroma cacao

Cacao fruits grow in Cacao trees that can reach 8 meters of height and belongs to Malvaceae family. They are yellowish-reddish colored and grow in tropical regions of South and Central America, Africa and Asia. This fruit has been worshiped and respected in ancient, pre-Hispanic civilizations, such as the Aztecs, for thousands of years. Nowadays it is known for its high nutritional value and versatility in all sorts of meals, beverage, desserts and sweets and even liquors.

Cacao beans (found in the cacao fruits) are dried and used to make cocoa powder, cacao butter and eventually chocolate. They have very potent antioxidants called flavonoids which prevent ageing and cell decay; improves the function of the cardiovascular system and circulation. Pure cacao is also known for having a natural active stimulant component similar called Theobromine, which stimulates the circulatory system.