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Now, you can visit our new web page at, where you can find all the information you need: from a complete list of our products, to tips on how to use them, presentations, information about the ingredients used, the producers and harvesters involved, our projects and more!


To read about our objectives, commitments and certifications visit the Who we are- About us section

To have a complete list of our products (bulk and added value products), visit our Products section.

Many of the products we offer come from very rare and exotic fruits. If you want to learn a little bit more about them, visit our Biodiversity section.

To learn about where do some of our ingredients come from and whho are the ones responsible for their harvesting, visit our Producers section.

CANDELA doesn't only aquire resources from their producers and harvesters, but it also works with them in order to improve their organizacional, productive and sustainable extraction capacities. If you want to earn more about our projects with different communities and harvester asociations visit our Projects section.

If you are interested in visiting us, contact us, sell or buy our products just look for the Contact us section