Get know the opinions and thoughts on the journalist' visit to Candela's premises in Puerto Maldonado

“(…)We thought Candela is a perfect example of the Body Shop’s new commitment to enrich not exploit, Candela for us is a programme that perfectly demostrates sustainability in action (…)

These are some of the comments by Christina Archer, Senior Manager of sustainable sourcing for the Body Shop who made it possible to bring journalists to get to know the people who work in the forest where the Amazon nuts are harvested in Puerto Maldonado.

Last week, several journalists representing different entities (from economy publications to beauty magazines), arrived at Candela’s premises and began a journey into the forest where Amazon nuts are found. Once there, they met the biodiversity that surrounds and on which the impetuous Amazon nut trees depend on. They also learned about the difficult and delicate process of sustainable Amazon nut extraction that involves a lot of people: from the gatherers that work in the jungle for many weeks in a row to the people who work on the processing plant, looking to generate chains of value that not only focus on the economic aspects but also the human source which is principal source of power and motivation for Candela. Here we leave some of the comments made by some of the journalists that visited us: