Journalists from all over the world will get to know the origin of the Amazon nuts

Twelve journalists from seven countries (Brazil, Canada, Chile, United States, Mexico, Netherlands, United Kingdom) and different organizations will travel to Peru together with the company The Body Shop, accompanied by Candela, between 13 and March 17, to know the place of origin one of the "treasures" of our Amazon rainforest:  Brazil nuts.

Amazon nuts, internationally known as Brazil nuts, are one of the few forest resources that’s not timber- related, marketed worldwide. Peru, along with Brazil and Bolivia, are among the three fortunate countries with Amazon nut trees in significant concentrations for their use. 30% of the region of Madre de Dios (more than 2.6 million hectares) is covered by Amazon nut forests. Peruvian Amazon nut exports have reached US $ 32.7 bln in 2015.

In addition to the commercial value, this is also chain is also environmentally and socially valuable: it is a natural link with the conservation of the Amazon, since the Amazon nut  trees  only produce and proliferate in a well-preserved primary forest ecosystem. A quarter of the population in Madre de Dios ( 28,000 people approx.) is dedicated to Brazil nut related activities, which represents two thirds of its annual revenues and is a sustainable alternative to extractive forestry and mining activities.

Amazon nuts are appreciated in the world not only as a rich in selenium and high in energy nut, but also as a source of oil with excellent moisturizing properties.

The Body Shop, a world leader in the cosmetics industry, purchases Amazon nut oil from CANDELA Peru since 1998 and uses it as an ingredient in more than 50 formulas of beauty products sold in 3,000 stores in 60 countries around the world.  In addition, through the Community Trade Programme, they support the sustainable development of their suppliers:  “We buy high quality ingredients - says Christina Archer, Program Manager Community Trade of the Body Shop - and simultaneously promote economic and social development producers. CANDELA Peru is one of the pioneer suppliers and an important part of our programme; we share with them a vision of environmental and social sustainability ".

Thanks to this partnership and model of fair trade, it has been possible to provide a water AND drainage system to some indigenous communities of Amazon nut gatherers in Madre de Dios (Water is Life Project) and a renewable energy project for CANDELA processing plant is being designed, which will improve its value chain.

The international delegation with photographers, reporters, bloggers and environment, economy and beauty journalists will travel to Madre de Dios to hear the voice of the Amazon nut, follow the process of their recollection, visit CANDELA’s processing plant and let the world know about one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet and one of the most valuable resources of our Amazon.

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