Aguaje oil

Description: Buriti or aguaje oil extracted from the pulp of the fruit through a cold press procedure.  

Ingredients: Aguaje fruit.

Origin: Loreto,  (Peru).

Presentation: 1kg |18kg | 190kg


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Prime matter: Also known as buriti, the aguaje is a tree that can reach 35 meters high, and grows in wet, tropical weather in the Amazon rainforest area of South America.It prefers swampy ecosystems, where it grows in large groups of palm trees called “aguajales”. It is estimated that there are around 3 million hectares of “aguajales” in Peru... (Read more)

Uses and benefits: Aguaje oil is ideal to hydrate very dry skin and hair or that has been damaged by irritations or allergies. It’s high level on vitamin A, carotenoids and phytoestrogens that generate natural oils that help the skin to maintain a healthy appearance. It also increases elasticity in the skin to avoid wrinkles. Aguaje oil also works as an excellent component for sun block preparations since it h filters UV rays naturally and repairs skin that has been damaged by long exposures o the sunn 

Simply pour three drops/teaspoons of aguaje oil in your skin doing small circular massages. If used in the face, it is preferable to use at night due to its red, natural tint it contains. It is also preferable to use at night and because the pores are more open, which increases the absorption of the components in this special oil.

Producers: In the most remote areas of the Amazon region, in northern Peru, we work with indigenous producers engaged in the harvesting of fruits of Amazonian palm trees...(Read more)