Copoazu butter

Description: Copoazu butter is extracted from the seeds of copazu fruit (also known as white cacao).

Ingredients: Copoazu seeds.

Origin: Madre de Dios, (Peru).

Presentation: 3.5kg | 18kg


Data sheet


Main ingredient: Copoazu is a fruit that belongs to same family as cacao, Malvaceae. It is also known as “white cacao” and its trees (which can reach 20 meters of height) grow throughout the Amazon rainforests in Peru, Bolivia and Brazil in tropical ecosystems...(Read more) 

Uses and benefits: Copoazu butter is rich in oils and has a high capacity of liquid retention, which makes it perfect to prevent skin from drying. It is specially recommended for delicate areas of the skin such as the face, the skin around the eyes and lips.
It is also a  one of the most efective butters when it comes to repair damage caused by UV radiation making it it is useful to take care of your skin in trips to the beach.

Producers: This crop is within an agroforestry system. It is an associated crop, copoazú trees are planted beside legumes, which provide iron to the ground...(Read more)