Coconut oil

Description: Oil extracted from the coconut meat through a cold press procedure. It is rich in fatty acids, magnesium and proteins. It is not altered neither burned by high temperatures, which makes it ideal for cooking.

Ingredients: Coconut flesh.

Origin: Sri Lanka

Presentations: 3.5 kg | 18 kg



Main ingredient: Coconuts are large fruits with hard shells and can weigh up to 1.5 kg. They grow in large palm trees in tropical ecosystems along the Ecuator. They are only species belonging to the genus Cocos. They are very important in the lives of rural communities in Central and South America, Africa and Asia, having a high economical and even cultural value...(Read more)

Uses and benefits: Coconut oil is a rich source of fatty acids and healthy fats for your body. Apart from being an incredible way to improve your diet, coconut oil is known for being effective when hydrating skin and hair. Coconut oil can be blended in fragrances for its delicious aroma. It nourishes and helps healthy hair growth as well as giving gloss. It is also excellent as massage oil, works as an effective moisturizer and treats dry skin amazingly. It can be used in creams, body lotions and butters for an amazing scent and skin treatment. Coconut oil mousturizes and hydrates cells like very few oils can do. It can also be used to remove make up or simply hydrate your skin after long exposure to the sun to prevent sunburns.

Furthermore, due to the presence of lauric acid (between 44%-52% of lauric acid in its composition) makes coconut oil an anti-bacterial component that can be used to heal superficial wounds, burns or to clean your mouth by oil pulling.

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