Prunus dulcis

Almonds are the cultivated seeds of almond trees. These trees can grow in almost any part of the world with a temperate climate and can reach between 4-10 meters high and belong to the Rosaceae family. The seeds are very small and have a roasted, light brownish color. They can be eaten all around the world as a healthy and simple snack, but there are many ways to take the most advantage of their properties. Almonds can be eaten alone, turned into flour to replace conventional flour and the oil of these nutritious seeds can also be extracted and used in hair and skin. 

Almonds are rich in proteins and vitamins, fiber, antioxidants and they also have the ability to regulate high cholesterol levels. They have one of the most concentrated sources of vitamin E and antioxidants, for which it is ideal to prevent ageing of the cells and wrinkles. They are also rich in magnesium, and are useful to make vegetal almond milk, which is an excellent way to replace dairy products.