Euterpe Oleracea

Asai or huasai palm trees grow in tropical ecosystems along South America (principally, in Bolivia, Brazil and Peru). They can grow up to 25 meters in height and produce dark, small, round shaped berries that are around 10mm in diameter, with a very oily juicy interior.

The benefits of these powerful berries have been known for centuries, all along the Amazon region.  They are perfect to reinforce the immune system and they are believed to have anti cancer effects. They are perfect for juices and detox smoothies due to their large amounts of antioxidants and fatty acids.

The essential fatty acids they contain make Asai berries, ideal to regulate cholesterol levels and clean the arteries. There is also a considerable amount of vitamin A and C, these are naturally antioxidant vitamins, which make the oil extracted from these berries, perfect to nurture the skin and prevent the ageing of it, and generate and anti-frizz effect in the hair.





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