Coconut powder

Description:  Coconut powder ready to consume. Gluten and sugar free.

Ingredients: Coconut 

Origin: Sri Lanka

Presentation: 250 grams



Main ingredient: Coconuts are large fruits with hard shells and can weigh up to 1.5 kg. They grow in large palm trees in tropical ecosystems along the Ecuator. They are only species belonging to the genus Cocos. They are very important in the lives of rural communities in Central and South America, Africa and Asia, having a high economical and even cultural value...(Read more)

Use and benefits: Coconut powder is not like any other powder, it contains 50% of fiber, that's the highest amount of fiber in any flour. The powder is obtained after the water and oil present in the coconut’s interior part is extracted, living a fibrous layer. This remaining part is milled and used for all sorts of gluten free pastry and desserts.

The amount of possibilities of things you can prepare with coconut powder are countless. The variety offers from cookies, bread, muffins, pizza dough, pancakes, shakes, smoothies and all sorts of sweets.