Our commitment


Commited to the preservation of the environment and to well being of producers and the health of final consumers.


Peru is between the 10 most mega-diverse countries in the world, with almost two-thirds of its territory covered with forests. Our commitments is to reinforce the chains of value of organic products, using the ´natural capital” sustainably.  As founding members of the UEBT (Union for Bioethical Trade) we are committed to the conservation of biodiversity and make regular inspections in order to make sure that organic parameters are being respected. Additionally, since 2015 we are measuring our environmental footprint and looking for more productive processes and sustainable ways to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible.


We facilitate the access to market for small producers, farmers and harvesters, enhancing their productive and organizational and sustainable resources managing capacities. Working in the frame of the World Fair Trade Orfanization- WTFO principles, we assure long-term relationships and fair prices with the producers. We have a Projects and Community Relations area in charge of developing and improving life conditions and creating new opportunities for small producers and native communities.



We take care of the quality and safety of our products, ensuring the best security to our clients and final consumers. We verify the journey of every product form the harvest to the final sale. We have a Quality and Control area and a laboratory for analysis and microbiology control. Furthermore, our processing plants are certified by the standards of the HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points).