Developing the value chain of ungurahui in Madre de Dios

Candela trains Madre de Dios producers on the use of new forest resources that may be complementary to the Amazon nut, such as the ungurahui (Oenocarpus bataua), an Amazonian palm tree which fruit produces an oil with applications in the cosmetic sector.
In 2014, the two-years project “Development of ungurahui oil value chain with organic certification in the native village of Tres Islas” was completed. The project, funded by the Fondo de las Américas
(FONDAM), aimed to train the village members in climbing the palm tree, thus exploiting the ungurahui fruits sustainably. Moreover, a semi-industrial plant for processing ungurahui oil has been implemented with equipment and machinery. In the same Tres Islas plant, Amazon nut oil and aguaje pulp are also currently processed. Together with the Palm Growers Association San Juan
(PALSAMAD), a pilot unit for processing dry ungurahui pulp was built and implemented at km 75 on the Puerto Maldonado-Cusco highway.