Development of new market opportunities

CANDELA trains Madre de Dios colectors, into new methods and ways of taking advantage of natural resources in a sustainable way that can compliment the collecting process of the amazon nuts and ungurahui.

In 2014 , the two year project " Development of the productive chain of organic certified ungurahui oil in the Native Comunity of Tres Islas". This project was financed by the FODAM (Fondo de las Américas)  and has taught, the collectors and members of the comunity, better and more sustainable ways of collecting the ungurahui fruits by using harnesses and safety equipment to climb the trees instead of cutting them down.

An ungurahui oil processing plant with propper machinery has also been installed. In this same plant, amazon nuts and aguaje oil are also procesed. Along with PALSAMAD( Asociación de Palmicultores San Juan) an  dry ungurahui pulp procesor has being implemented on de 75km in the road from Puerto Madonado to Cusco.
Additionally, we look towards improvement in the infraestructure of al the areas and the areas around the communities we work with. In Boca Unión for example, CANDELA is in the process of supporting the refinement of the road that connects that community with Puerto Maldonado, oppening new business oportunities.