Extraction of sustainable alternatives

Between 2015 and 2016 the " Extraction of sustainable alternatives" project has been executed, looking to streghthen the organizational, productive and comercial capacities of an asociation of amazonic oil producers which is conformed by 5 communities of the Awajun ethnic group.
The members of this asociation are located in the Loreto Environmental Conservation Area (Área de Conservación Ambiental, en el Departamento de Loreto) and perform sustainable ways of extracting natural resources.

Because of this project, several capacitations have been performed by CANDELA and the Organic Certification members, helping oil producers in defining and performing sustainable productive procesess from the harvesting of the fruits to the cold press procedure in the processing plant. Also, more than 8.000 hectares of comunal forest have entered the process of organic certification.

This project was financed by the Australian Embassy through the Direc Air Program (DAP) in colaboration with PROFONANPE along with the Datém del Marañón Municipality.