Peruvian yellow chili

Description: Peruvian yellow, grounded and dehydrated yellow chili.

Ingredients: Dehydrated, peruvian yellow chili.

Origin: Chincha (Peru).

Presentation: 50 grams



Main ingredient: Chilies grow in medium sized plants easily in almost every part of the world. Basically it needs a warm, temperate climate. In Peru, chili grows naturally up to 1500 masl. They come in different colors and sizes, and their level of spiciness may vary depending on the variety of the chili....(Read more)

Use and benefits: Condiment and give a spicy touch to the flavours of your favourite meals! Chili is rich antioxidants and vitamin C, which reduces the probabilities of producing cancer cells.  You can easily sprinkle a little bit of it in a pizza or use it while making scrambled eggs or some spicy sauce.