We are members of international and nationa organizations the promote sustainable development, bio commerce and Fair trade:

Union for Ethical BioTrade - UEBT

UEBT is a nonprofit association that promotes the ‘sourcing with respect’
of ingredients derived from native biodiversity. The members adopt sourcing practices; promote sustainable business growth, local development and conservation of biodiversity.

CANDELA PERU works under the 7 principles of bio commerce:

  1. Conservation of Biodiversity
  2. Sustainable use of Biodiversity
  3. Fair and Equitable distribution of the Derived Benefits of the use of Biodiversity
  4. Socio-Economic sustainability (production, finance and market management)
  5. Fulfillment of National and International Legislations.
  6. Fulfillment of Human Rights.
  7. Respect and care for the landhold and right to access and use natural resources


World Fair Trade Organization – WFTO

The World Fair Trade Organization (World Fair Trade Organization - WFTO) is the global network of Fair Trade organizations. WFTO’s mission is to improve living conditions and welfare of minority producers by linking and promoting Fair Trade organization and actively advocating for greater justice in international trade.

Likewise, the creation of CANDELA starts with the intention of developing more equitable economic models, having the environmental and social impact in consideration. Because of this intention we are committed to the 10 principles of Fair Trade:

  1. Creation of Opportunities for Producers in Economic Disadvantage .
  2. Transparency and Responsibility.
  3. Fair trade commercial practices.
  4. Fair price payment.
  5. Avoid forced or child labor.
  6. Compromise to avoid discrimination and look for Gender Equality, Economic female empowerment and Association freedom.
  7. Assure good work conditions.
  8. Capacity development.
  9. Promotion of Fair trade.
  10. Respect for the Environment


Instituto Peruano de Productos Naturales (Peruvian Instirtute of Natural Products) -IPPN

In Peru we work with the Instituto Peruano de Productos Naturales (IPPN).

IPPN is a private non-profit association that has been promoting products and natural ingredients since 1999. Its mission is to promote sustainable use and development of
natural resources of Peruvian biodiversity, principally for plants with nutritional properties and beneficial to health.