Oeunucarpus Batua

Ungurahui is a palm tree that can grow up to 25 meters. It grows wildly or cultivated in tropical areas of Central America and the Amazonian. The palm tree develops in tropical, wet climates in places that are not likely to be flooded in raining seasons. They require a lot of light and easily adapt to different types of soil, especially those with a lot of organic matter. Ungurahui produces a round, dark fruit, around 3cm in diameter.  The nutritional value of this fruitfruit can be compared to the one of meat of maternal milk, having an abundant amount of carbohydrates and essential fatty acids (%77 & %80)

Ungurahui fruit is used in all sort of beverages, ice creams and desserts. The use of the oil extracted from the fruits is ancestral knowledge that has been known in Amazon native communities. It is commonly used in that region to wash and treat hair loss and dryness. It is also helpful to clean and cure wounds and irritation in skin.