Sacha inchi oil

Description: Oil extracted from sacha inchi (or inka nuts) through a cold press procedure.

Ingredients: Sacha inchi nuts.

Origin: Madre de Dios, Peru

Presentation: 1kg | 18kg | 190kg



Main ingredients: Sacha inchi or Inka nut is a plant native of South America and grows on tropical areas with acidic soil and close to water bodies. It has been cultivated in the Amazon rainforest of Peru by indigenous people for thousands of years....(Leer más)

Uses and benefits: Sacha inchi oil is a highly nutritious additive to your everday. It is rich in omega 3, omega, 6 and omega 9, which contributes to the reduction of cholesterol and brain cell development. It is rich in essential fatty acids and proteins.

You can easily use it salads, sandwiches or simply drink a spoonful of this oil every morning to get energy.


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