Chocolate bar with amazon nuts

Description: 55% cacao chocolate bar with little, chopped pieces of amazon nuts. Dairy free.

Ingredients: Cacao beans and amazon nuts.

Origin: San Martin / Madre de Dios, (Peru)

Presentation: 90 grams



Main ingredients: Cacao fruits grow in cacao trees that can reach 8 meters of height and belongs to Malvaceae family. They are yellowish-reddish colored and grow in tropical regions of South and Central America, Africa and Asia. This fruit has been worshiped and respected in ancient, pre-Hispanic civilizations, such as the Aztecs, for thousands of years...

Amazon nuts are a native species from the high jungle area of the Amazon rainforest, and it is found principally in Peru, Bolivia and Brazil.  Madre de Dios is the only region in Peru where concentrations of Amazon nut trees are large enough for their sustainable extraction. These trees can grow up to 50 meters in height, being one of the highest trees in the Amazon flora. They are essential in the conservation of amazon rainforests since they not only produce a primary jungle ecosystem… (Read more)

Uses and benefits: A delicious gift for any friend or family! These bars are made with organic chocolate and very little organic sugar. It is a healthy way of consuming chocolate, that comes in a sweet and crunchy delicious bar.