Dark chocolate covered golden berries (50gr)

Description: 55% cacao chocolate beans with dehydrated golden berries on the inside. Dairy free.

Ingredients: Cacao and golden berries.

Origin: San Martin (Peru) / Huanuco (Peru)

Presentation: 50 grams



Main ingredient: Cacao fruits grow in Cacao trees that can reach 8 meters of height and belongs to Malvaceae family. They are yellowish-reddish colored and grow in tropical regions of South and Central America, Africa and Asia. This fruit has been worshiped and respected in ancient, pre-Hispanic civilizations, such as the Aztecs, for thousands of years. Nowadays it is known for its high nutritional value and versatility in all sorts of meals, beverage, desserts and sweets and even liquors...(Read more)

Golden berries or Aguaymantos are small, juicy, rounded and yellowish berries that grow in wide shrubs that can reach 1.20 meters high. They are native from South America and have a very distinctive sourness and are very refreshing. Golden berries are powerful source of vitamins and antioxidants. 1 golden berry has proportionally more vitamin C than an orange, which makes it a proper snack for people who do sports, vegetarians or vegans...(Read more)

Use and benefits: Enyoy the exotic flavours of the sweetness of chocolate and the citric taste of golden berries! This chocolate beans are also high on antioxidants (found in both the cacao and the golden berries) and are a good way to have a healthy diet without leaving chocolte behind. Take them to work or in your kid's lunchboxes.