Amazon nut oil with basil

Description: Amazon nut oil extracted from amazon nuts through a cold press procedure. Seasoned with dehydrated basil.

Ingredients: Amazon nuts, dehydrated basil

Origin: Madre de Dios (Peru)

Presentations: 1 kilogram- 18 kilograms



Main ingredients:  Amazon nuts (also known as Brazil nuts) are a native species from the high jungle area of the Amazon rainforest, and it is found principally in Peru, Bolivia and Brazil.  Madre de Dios is the only region in Peru where concentrations of Amazon nut trees are large enough for their sustainable extraction. These trees can grow up to 50 meters in height, being one of the highest trees in the Amazon flora. They are essential in the conservation of amazon rainforests since they not only produce a primary jungle ecosystem…  (Read more)

Uses and benefits:  Amazon nut oil is rich in selenium and magnesium it is recommended to treat annemia , tuberculosis and beriberi. Amazon nut oil has an excellent composition of essential fatty acids and brings a large amount of proteins and vitamins which makes these nuts very nutritional. 

It is ideal for salads, pasta, sandwiches or simply pouring a little bit in your favourite dishes. Consuming 1 or 2 spoons of amazon nut oil a day at the beginning of the day is a good practice to start the morning with energy.