Passion fruit oil

Description: Oil extracted from the sedes of passion fruits. Subtil scent.

Ingredients: Passion fruit seeds.

Origin: Lambayeque (Peru)

Presentation: 1kg |18kg | 190kg


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Main ingredient: It is a perennial plant that grows of to 10 meters of length in vines. It likes warm, tropical and subtropical weather and grows in South and Central America. They produce hard fruits, with yellow skins or outer layers that cover a juicy inside part that is full of seeds. The smell and flavor are characteristically citric...(Read more)

Uses and benefits: Passion fruit oil is rich in vitamin C which helps treating sun spots and reduces swelling. It is also a natural relaxant and activates blood circulation, which makes it useful for massages, to reduce muscular tension and varicose veins. It is also helpful to regulate the amount of oil in the face dermis.  It also regulates sebum production on oily skin

Simply apply a couple of drops of passion fruit oil in your skin as corporal moisturizer and an excellent way to treat your skin after it has been exposed to the sun.