Camu camu powder

Description: Camu camu powder ready to consume. Gluten and sugar free.

Ingredients: Camu camu fruits.

Origin: Peru

Presentation: 1-5 kilograms




Main ingredientCamu camu fruit grows in tall shrubs that grow in different parts of the Amazon rainforest, principally in Peru, Brasil, Venezuela and Colombia, where the leaves of these shrubs are used for traditional medical practices. It is commonly used to prepare juices, deserts, ice creams and dehydrated for beverages and fruit salads....(Read more)

Use and benefits: Camu camu is ideal to improve the immune system. It maintains the ligaments strong, the eyes healthy, and protects from viral infections. Due to the presence of antioxidants and vitamin C ( it is one the fruits with the highest vitamin C content) improves the respiratory system, and stimulates blood circulation.

You can easily use it in every-morning fruit salads, parfaits and detox smoothies. The easiest way to use it, and nurture yourself simply, is perhaps; mixing 2 teaspoons of camu camu powder into a fruit juice (when not sweetened with refined sugar).