Amazon nut producers


Our amazon nut producers are located the Madre de Dios Region, southeastern Peru, where we work directly, without intermediaries, with over 400 amazon nut gatherers, facilitating access to the market for this product. Amazon nut is the only species in the world market of nuts that is not cultivated, but it grows wildly in the forest. This means that anyone who performs this activity harvests wildly these nuts from the forest between December and March, during the rainy season.  During this season, harvesters move into the forest to live in the camps that they build in order to gather amazon nuts.

Once they collect them, they “smash” them order to open them with a machete and be put  in sacks.  They finally take the amazon nuts to the processing plant in Puerto Maldonado, where we proceed with the selection process of the nuts, peeling and drying them and ensuring the traceability from the forest to the final customer.  Since 2001, we have the Organic Programme designed to train and monitor the amazon nut gatherers in sustainable and formal use of forest resources.

Thanks to the program, over 200 thousand hectares of forest have been certified and are managed under Organic Standards.