Golden berry producers

Our golden berry or aguaymanto comes from the ASSOCIATION OF YELLOW POTATO PRODUCERS TUMBAY-PAPATY, from the Department of Huanuco, Central Peru. This region, between the Amazon and the highlands, has very fertile land and large availability of water resources. An ideal land for agriculture.
Traditionally, farmers of the area have been dedicated to potato farming and subsistence agriculture. But this traditional crop does not guarantee an adequate profit margin to producers and there has also been much emigration from the area, which concerns the producers. The "Papaty" association, initially dedicated only to potato harvesting, has begun to engage in alternative crops, identifying the golden berry as a resource compatible with the local ecosystem and having a good marketability. About 30 members of the association began to engage in golden berry since 2010, introducing organic practices in the management of the production processes.

Young university students of Agronomy are leading the Association, integrating traditional knowledge to studies of their careers.Thanks to the work of the association and to the golden berry market, some local families who had migrated to Lima, got the opportunity to come back to Huanuco and work the land of their grandparents.The activity of gathering this fruit, which is harvested throughout the year, and the activity of decapsulation, generates employment opportunities for approximately 200 people in the Province of Ambo, Huanuco Department. 

Association members have requested Candela support for organizational strengthening, expecting to involve more producers and to improve the implementation of the Internal Control System of the Organic Certification. Based on this request, CANDELA developed a training plan with the association in 2015 and implemented a Producers’ support project thanks to a small grants from our financial partner Oikocredits.